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Polish Expert Workshop

Knowledge transfer from universities and public research
organisations in Poland - contribution to smart growth

03 November 2011, 9.30 - 16.15 hrs
Ministry of Science and Education, Warsaw, Poland


The contribution of Polish universities and public research organisations to economic growth and development is increasingly recognised. However, there are severe challenges for all stakeholders involved in knowledge transfer: Companies need to become more involved in collaborative research and accept best practice in intellectual property management if they are to benefit from university research solutions. Agencies funding research and innovation need to adopt a more coherent approach to knowledge transfer management. Universities need to manage their expectations regarding the generation of income through knowledge transfer, while at the same time maximising its impact. There needs to be a longer term commitment to the funding of knowledge transfer offices and to increasing the status of the knowledge transfer profession. This workshop was intended to discuss challenges of knowledge transfer, good practices, and ways towards more systematic approaches with the aim of fostering economic growth.


This workshop took place in the framework of the European Commission's 2008 Recommendation on the management of intellectual property in knowledge transfer activities and Code of Practice for universities and public research organisations (http://ec.europa.eu/invest-in-research/pdf/ip_recommendation_en.pdf ). The event was part of a workshop series covering 39 European countries in 2011 and 2012.

Target groups

The workshop convened stakeholders active in knowledge transfer, in particular from universities, public research organisations, knowledge transfer agencies, policy and business. Attendance was free of charge and by personal invitation.


For questions please contact
Tobias Huesing


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Knowledge transfer at Polish universities: current situation, good practice and challenges


09:30 – 10.00

Welcome and introduction

  • Prof. dr hab. Maciej Banach, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Tobias Hüsing, empirica
  • Dr. Dariusz Trzmielak, Polish Business and Innovation Association
10:00 - 10:30

Poland's profile

Prof. dr hab. J. Guliński, Vice-Rector for EU Programmes and Cooperation with Business Entities, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Knowledge transfer at Polish public research organisations: current situa-tion, good practice and challenges

M.Sc.Eng. Małgorzata Malec, Director of the Institute of Mining Technology KOMAG

13:00 – 14:30

Case studies

Combining University-Company-Government agendas for innovation: a practical case
Michel Morant, Chair of ProTon Europe, Manager, Technology Transfer Office, University of Liège, Belgium
How the European Patent Office supports knowledge and technology transfer
Patrizia Biani, Country coordinator, European Patent Office
14:45 – 16:00

Panel discussion

Fostering valorisation of research findings from universities and public research organisations – policy implications
  • A university’s view: Prof. dr hab. Jan Koch, Wrocław University of Technology
  • A business view: Krzysztof Krystowski, President of the Bard, AVIO Polska
  • A knowledge transfer agency’s view: Dr. Dariusz Trzmielak, Director, Technology Centre of University of Łódź
  • A public policy view: Joanna Podgórska, Director, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
16:00 – 16:15


  • Mateusz Gaczyński, Deputy Director, Ministry of Science and Higher Education

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