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East Mediterranean Expert Workshop

Knowledge Transfer from Universities and Public Research Institutes:
Developing Strategies, Capacities and Skills

3 September 2012, 10 – 18 hrs
University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus


The contribution of universities and public research organisations in Cyprus, Greece and Israel to economic development is increasingly recognised. However, there are severe challenges for all stakeholders involved in knowledge transfer: Universities need to implement strategies and policies for knowledge transfer and professionalise their intellectual property management. Companies need to become more involved in collaborative research. Agencies funding research and innovation need to adopt a more coherent approach. There needs to be a longer term commitment to the funding of knowledge transfer offices and to increasing the status of the knowledge transfer profession. This workshop was intended to discuss challenges of knowledge transfer, good practices, and ways towards more systematic approaches.


This workshop supported the implementation of the European Commission's 2008 Recommendation on the management of intellectual property in knowledge transfer activities and Code of Practice for universities and public research organisations (http://ec.europa.eu/invest-in-research/pdf/ip_recommendation_en.pdf ). The event was part of a workshop series covering 39 European countries in 2011 and 2012.

Target groups

The workshop convened stakeholders in knowledge transfer, in particular from universities,public research organisations, governmental organisations and business. Attendance is free of charge and by personal invitation. Attendance wass free of charge and by personal invitation.


Please address questions to Stefan Lilischkis at empirica in Bonn, the company organising the event,
stefan.lilischkis(at)empirica(dot)com, +49 (0)228 98530-35.


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Joint session with EASTWEST conference

10.00 - 10.30

Keynote (Plenary)

Cities and their universities for the creation of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Stavros Zenios, University of Cyprus
10.40 - 12.00

EAST WEST Session 1.16

To be connected: University liasing with enterprises - good practices
  • Chairs: Dr Gregory Makrides / E. Zomeni, both University of Cyprus
  • C.U.T. industry liaison office - accomplishments and areas of expertise: George Kokou, Cyprus
  • The operation of an industry liaison office at the Open University of Cyprus: Elena Gregoriou, Michalis Savva, Anna Dalosi, Maria Kali
  • European university-industry liaison office: Maria Gallou, Cyprus
  • PRAXIS: European centre for project/internship excellence: Nuno Filipe Escudeiro / Paula Maria Escudeiro, Portugal
  • A novel perspective of academic entrepreneurship: Vered Holzmann and Gady Golan, Israel

Knowledge Transfer Study workshop

12.10 - 13.30 

Welcome and introduction

  • Alessandra Luchetti, European Commission
pdf icon Download [362 KB]

Research findings

Knowledge Transfer Study 2010-2012: lessons learned so far
  • Findings from knowledge transfer office surveys: Nordine Es-Sadki, Netherlands
pdf icon Download [621 KB]
  • Insights from expert workshops: Dr. Stefan Lilischkis, Germany
pdf icon Download [857 KB]
15.10 – 16.30   

Country profiles

Knowledge transfer and IP management at universities and public research organisations: current situation, good practice and challenges
  • Israel: Ilan Peled, Office of the Chief Scientist
pdf icon Download [1.5 MB]
  • Greece: Eleni Tsipouri, University of Athens, Department of International Economics and Development
pdf icon Download [245 KB]
  • Cyprus: Marcia Trillidou-Varzakakou, Research Promotion Foundation
pdf icon Download [771 KB]


  • Stefan Lilischkis, empirica GmbH, Germany