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European Knowledge Transfer Indicators Survey (EKTIS)

The EKTIS is administered by the United Nation University's Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) on behalf of the European Commission's DG for Research & Innovation. UNU-MERIT is a research and training centre of United Nations University and the University of Maastricht.

The EKTIS questionnaire contains questions addressing research activities, intellectual property rights, invention disclosures, patenting, licensing, start-ups, and other related knowledge transfer activities, as well as office staff.

The purpose of the survey is to obtain internationally comparable indicators of knowledge transfer activities by the leading European public research organisations (universities and public research institutes) within the 27 EU Member States and twelve associated countries. The data need to be comparable across individual institutions, at the national level, and with non-European countries that collect similar data. Two surveys have been conducted, each of them during the spring of 2011 and 2012. The questionnaire is sent to the managers of knowledge transfer offices that handle the patenting, licensing and commercialisation activities of each university or research institute.

The EKTIS 2011 survey has been sent to a total of 705 leading universities and research institutes in the target countries. The EKTIS 2012 has been sent to 805 public research organisations. The number of selected organisations in each country is weighted by the national share of the total government R&D expenditures in the 39 countries, although there is a minimum of one institute or university per country.

The EKTIS surveys in 2011 and 2012 created both in their respective years the largest available dataset of the knowledge transfer activities of European PROs. The full dataset for 2010 consists of 430 PROs and the full data set for 2011 consists of 498 PROs. The EKTIS surveys in 2011 and 2012 had both the broadest coverage of any survey to date, with responses from 27 of the 27 EU member states and from 9 out of 12 Associated States.

For further information on this survey and related activities please contact:
Anthony Arundel, a.arundel(at)maastrichtuniversity(dot)nl. Tel: + 31 (0)43 388 4453
Es-Sadki Nordine, n.es-sadki(at)maastrichtuniversity(dot)nl, Tel: + 31 (0)43 388 4460

For information about UNU-MERIT see www.merit.unu.edu.