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The purpose of the Knowledge Transfer Study 2010-2012 is to support the monitoring and reporting process of the European Commission’s Recommendation and Code of Practice on Knowledge Transfer.

Europe seems to be better at producing high-level knowledge than at converting it into socio-economic benefits. In addition to the classical modes of transfer and dissemination of knowledge, such as research publications and exchanges of researchers, Public Research Organisations and Universities performing research need to more actively engage in the exploitation of publicly-funded research results, for instance through academia-industry collaborations, licensing and spin-offs.

In April 2008, the European Commission adopted a Recommendation on the management of intellectual property in knowledge transfer activities and Code of Practice for universities and other public research organisations. The aim was to offer a coherent framework for the management of intellectual property by the public research sector, to promote knowledge transfer between the public and private sectors, both within and between Member States.

In order to follow-up and promote the implementation of this Recommendation and Code of Practice, a monitoring and reporting system is being set up.

Interim findings 2012

Download Report [PDF, 0.7 MB]

Interim findings 2011

The interim findings of the Knowledge Transfer Study for surveys and workshops conducted in 2011 are available in a long and a short report.

Download Interim Report (short version) [PDF, 0.8 MB]

Download Interim Report (long version) [PDF, 3.19 MB]